Vimal Raghubir
Posted on January 13th, 2018
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Oct 19th 5:28 am (Edited)
"fall 2014" should be "Fall 2014" "Produced implementation logics and algorithm..." could just be: "Implemented algorithm based on customer requirements and 3GPP specification" Instead of "Java Script" in the Cellos part, it should be "JavaScript". There also appears to be some things capitalized that probably shouldn't be (Big Data, Manager, Blockchain, etc.) There's also an extra space before "Bivida" near the bottom. The month abbreviations should be consistent (either include the dot or don't, e.g. "Apr." could be "Apr"). For the languages, I would just list them without the "Proficient/Familiar" part. For IDEs, you could put "Vim, Eclipse, NetBeans" (but I don't think listing IDEs is very useful).
Nov 6th 4:59 pm
-list your technical skills closer to the top
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