Software Engineering Intern


Redmond, WA, USA
May 24th, 2018
As mentioned in other reviews, Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world and your internship experience varies drastically depending on what team you are assigned. I would like to emphasize the compensation in this review. Microsoft literally makes it rain for interns. For first time Microsoft interns (not explorer), you will get paid $7200 per month (per tax). If you were to return to Microsoft as an intern, your salary will get bumped to $7650 and you will receive a one-time bonus of $5000. On top of the base salary and bonus, you can either choose to live in a corporate housing (hella fancy one, with bi-weekly cleaning service) or a one-time $9000 housing stipend for your 4-month internship. So if you are a returning Microsoft intern, who chooses the $9000 housing stipend, your total compensation for the internship would be close to $45k USD (equivalent $135k annual salary). In addition, Washington state (where Microsoft headquarter resides) does not collect state tax, so you would definitely get more money in your paycheque than your cali friends. Last but not least, Microsoft also provides rental car program to interns. Basically, you can rent a car from a Micorosft-partnered car rental company with a subsidized price of ~$700 a month (Insurance and toll included). Having a car is blessed because you don't have to wait for the bus / uber everywhere. In conclusion, I am so thankful that Microsoft really takes care of their interns money-wise and I would highly recommend Microsoft if you wanna cash out.
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