Software Engineer


Redmond, WA, USA
January 20th, 2017
This was my first big internship however I had the worst experience here. The environment is extremely laid-back. Employees are not passionate about their work and job. The management is biased and skewed. A partner because my manager who barely cared about my progress, even forgot my day of presentation, one which managers have to let them intern know about. If it does not work out with a mentor for you, then it is a bad bad sign. You are typically not supposed to express what you think about the environment and your thoughts about mentor. No one check in to really see if all is going well. When you stand up to speak for yourself, you are not taken positively. This was my experience of this place. I know you can have a very different experience. This is because the orgs in this company are very disconnected from each other. The culture across the company is very varied, and I happened to get into a bad apples basket:(
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