Software Engineer Intern


Mountain View, CA, USA
August 21st, 2017
Worked at Microsoft in summer 2017. Despite not being at the HQ in Redmond, there were intern events every week or two (paintball, baseball games, cruise, etc), and we also got flown to Seattle for a week for the famous signature event. In terms of work, I was put on a great team where my project was actually critical for the team. I became good friends with my mentor and manager, but with a company as big as Microsoft, team culture can really vary. The team asked for my preferences on the type of work I want beforehand and gave me something that matched them exactly, despite me not having any experience in that domain beforehand. However, I did find that intern expectations here were noticeably higher than the other companies I worked at. For compensation, we were also given $1200 USD for transportation (or a subsidized car rental), a few hundred for shipping things, and mad discounts on Microsoft products. The corporate housing is super nice and you don't have any roommates.
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