Software Engineering Intern


San Francisco, CA, USA
October 6th, 2017
Summer 2017 (May - Aug) Highlight: They really care about your mentorship and you as a person in all aspects! I worked on the iOS team without any previous experience in mobile at all, and everyone I spoke to made it very clear that doing something that you don't have experience in is completely and totally fine - and actually encouraged. In theory a lot of companies do the same, but in practice very few actually do that. Each person I spoke to have some crazy background story, like they were homeless for a few months and then biked across the USA for charity or studied food tasting science and then decided to go into data science. That made being there really interesting, and the company tries to be very transparent and very human all around. The perks and compensation were also top-tier with a culinary team that is part of the company for the sole purpose of making healthy yet delicious food for the employees. There used to be corporate housing until they decided that interns get taxed a lot because of this, and just added it to the salary instead so now they just help you extensively look for housing.
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