Software Engineering Intern


San Francisco, CA, USA
November 4th, 2016
With some of the best mentorship and support I've ever experienced at any company, it's difficult to overstate how positive my experience was at PagerDuty. I can't think of anything you'd want in a job that it doesn't provide: 1. Work life balance: The office is empty by 6pm, and I was actually discouraged from working more than 8 hours. 2. Quality of work: PagerDuty tackles some very interesting problems and as a devops company, the way it handles its infrastructure is absolutely superb; even the most seasoned developers will learn a lot from their solutions. 3. Co-workers: It's not unprecedented for a successful company located in SV to have so many intelligent engineers. However, the way it stands out from most other companies in the bay area is the empathy, humility, and genuine goodness of the people there. The most skilled engineers have the smallest egos and would often give me credit for work that I had a part in, even if it was mostly facilitated by them 4. Pay: Scales by around $500/month as you are promoted every term (for SF office). The pay for the fifth work term is 1.5K stipend + 7.5k. Extremely generous, and is higher than the pay of many top tech companies. 5. Perks: Free lunch everyday, free breakfast every Wednesday, planned fitness room, nap room, beautiful office space, freedom to work from home at your own discretion, monthly company wide hackdays.
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