Software Developer Intern


Ottawa, ON, Canada
January 10th, 2017
I took this job during continuous round in 2014 and the interview was discussing past experience. It was essentially a walk-on job. My overall experience at the Ottawa branch left a lot to be desired of. Meaningful Work - Bug fixing for days with the occasional small feature - Eventually got to do a proof-of-concept that led to a patent - POC was fun to do - Proof-of-concept likely scraped a few months after I left and patent was finalized Mentorship - At first, I had no mentor but was eventually (luckily) paired up with one - Rarely got my code reviewed so I did not get as much constructive criticism as I hoped (POC only got design reviewed but not code) Worklife Balance - As an intern, you get to decide how much work you want to do - Was able to go to the gym often Literally no perks.
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