Engineering Intern


New York, NY, USA
August 21st, 2017
My experience with Bloomberg in NY was great. You get provided housing in full ($2000 USD/month value) in Manhattan (30 minute walk, 10 minute subway), along with a $2000 USD lump sum pay for relocation. The internship program itself comes with tons of events including weekly tech talks, picnic (they rent an island), data centre tour and hackathons (overnight, 16 hr overtime) and algorithm contests. Of course, you get access to Bloomberg’s pantry, unlimited museum pass and other perks like breakfast and dinner. The building is fantastic, especially the views of uptown in Lex and downtown view in Park. Work-wise the projects were very interesting, you get to pick what you’re interested in and they try their best to do something you love. I worked with the latest technologies as well (including React/Node, Scikit-Learn, Microsoft Cognitive Services). I would recommend this internship to anyone in a heartbeat, just be careful of the team that you join. I also interned here during the summer so YMMV for the other terms.
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