Program Management Intern


Redmond, WA, USA
January 26th, 2017
This was my second year as an intern. I started as part of the Explore Program, chose to come back as a PM and will be returning this upcoming summer for my 3rd internship. I know others have talked about unenthusiastic teams, bad mentors, and bad managers. I understand. My first summer, my manager was horrible, chastising my abilities and my work. I expressed my concerns with my mentor, and thankfully, she was able to help me. The CEO said "people don't quit companies, they quit teams", which struck a chord with me. I decided to return the next summer as part of a different team. (I also found out that summer that my previous manager had been moved down to the position of Individual Contributor) I was also able to connect with someone on the UX Design team for HoloLens that summer and she took me under her wing. Because of the experiences I had with people outside of my team, I gave Microsoft a second chance. It was worth it. I had a phenomenal summer and created the initial prototype of an internal tool that is going to be used company wide and by the end of my internship they had decided to ship it. My mentor was extremely supportive and pushed me in the right direction to join her team and I will be returning next summer to work on UX Design for HoloLens. The people on my team this summer were amazing and it was well worth putting up with one bad manager to get to a better place.
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