Software Engineer


San Francisco, CA, USA
February 12th, 2017
Interned Fall 2016. Salary was roughly $3500 per two weeks plus $1500 housing per month. Perks include but are not limited to: frequent intern events, quarterly offsites, and lunch on Fridays. Part of your experience depends on the team you're on and the project you're assigned. I believe your second round interviewers will recommend teams for you to be placed on so be sure to let them know where your interests lie and what kind of work you want to do. Some aspects that don't depend on team and project are the work-life balance and company culture. The vast majority of engineers, PMs, and managers I interacted with were very smart and approachable. Seize opportunities to check out what other teams are doing, through yelp-beans, show and tell sessions like web sync, or ask a recruiter to arrange a meeting with another team lead. Overall, I had a great time at Yelp thanks to the quality of people it attracts and the company's commitment to providing a solid internship experience.
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