Software Engineer


San Francisco, CA, USA
May 16th, 2018
Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Uber. I thought that the work I was given was really meaningful and I could see the direct impact it had on my team and the company's OKRs. I loved that I was treated just like any other engineer. I was invited to all my team's meetings, my thoughts and input were actively sought out, and I got to work with some really smart people both on my team and across the company. The bad stuff: Now that Thomas (the old UW recruiter) left for Lyft, the recruiting team is a complete mess. They don't seem to care at all about the current interns, most of the recruiters seemed to forget we even existed and they didn't even respond to emails. The food is free, but not great. The internship program also doesn't seem to be very established even though there's a ton of interns, the events were okay but pretty infrequent, and there's barely any swag.
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