Software Developer


Ottawa, ON, Canada
March 5th, 2017
Worked on front end development. Overall project management seemed a little disorganized. At times UI design could significantly change from week to week, which caused a lot of code scrapping. On the other hand. The pipeline for development was very well organized. There were code reviews for every commit and you were required to write extensive and robust tests for all your code. Co-workers were very approachable and helpful though my supervisor was often away on meetings. However, all my work was reviewed by my supervisor before committing so it wasn’t much of a problem. Quality of work can be team dependent, but it can range from bugfixing to creating new features or UI components. There is a nice subsidized cafeteria at the ground floor with a large variety of food for relatively cheap. There is also a game room with a ping pong table but since the building is large, it can take a bit to walk there. Overall a great place to intern for beginner-level (1st/2nd years/internship) as their guidelines and detailed code reviews improve your code quality a lot and give you a nice base for writing industry-ready code
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