SDE Intern


Vancouver, BC, CAN
January 21st, 2017
Mentorship - This is my third internship at Amazon so the mentorship was minimal as I was driving the project by myself. Teammates are chill and helpful if you have questions. I've never come across any smug arrogant engineer or manager working at 3 different teams and locations and most of the people are chill and nice. Work/life Balance - This depends on how qualified you are for the job tbh. Most of the time, teams will give you an independent project that is scoped correctly. And if it wasn't, then well, the complexity of the project and any mis-scope is taken into account when deciding upon giving you a return offer. Meaningful Work - Amazon is really big on Ownership. I sort of worked like a 1-man-startup to deliver my project. They give you an independent project and most of the time it is internal. Some of the projects given are simple but some of them can be really complex. Be prepared to learn a lot. Perks - You get USD $2500 / 4 weeks housing stipend so make sure you get this option. The corporate housing will deduct USD $500 / 4 weeks on your salary and given the conversion rate, it will just suck.
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