Software Engineering Consultant


Toronto, ON, Canada
May 2nd, 2018
I worked at Capco as a Software Engineering Consultant Intern from January 2018 - April 2018 in the Toronto office. I'd say that this experience was one of the best work experiences I've had so far. From a technical/educational perspective, I worked with Java Spring on the back end team. When I first started I was given the right resources to get myself set up and familiarised with the code base. My teammates were highly experienced in the field but were also very helpful and approachable. I first started off with some simple tasks, but as time progressed I got assignments that were as important as any other full time developer's. One of the best educational advantages was that I had top tier programmers reviewing my PRs and giving comments/suggestions on how to improve my code. There is also plenty of opportunity to work on side projects through out the term. I had the chance to work on one of them and in the process gained practical experience with Angular, Node, and MongoDB. Different projects use different tech stacks, so there's room to learn a lot (including Machine Learning). From a non-technical perspective, I met dozens of enthusiastic and laid-back people. Everyone knew how to have fun and understood that work isn't all about pushing out code. There was a ping pong table in the area where anyone could set up and play at any time. There were also free refreshments in the kitchen and almost always someone that was willing to sit down and just talk for a bit. Capco is well known for having one of the best work place cultures and after working there I can completely agree. Overall, working at Capco was great for both learning new things and making great connections. I'd definitely recommend working there.
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