Software Engineer


Redmond, WA, USA
September 26th, 2016
At Remond, I was on the Office Licensing Team working on the client side. The code was all in C++ and I had a hard time digging through the code because this is really old code with some complicated logic. Overall this team was great and the people seemed to have a great work life balance. Much like any other big company, you have to remember that the experience ends up depending on your team and your mentor. I knew people who hated it but I loved my time here! Also Microsoft doesn't really have an on site gym but they do give you a membership to the Pro Club which is better than any gym I've ever been to and its close to the Redmond campus. Besides this, Microsoft is really generous about their intern events for the summer term (not really for the other terms) and they give an intern gift to every intern!
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