Software Engineer


San Francisco, CA, USA
January 21st, 2017
Let me start off by saying the Yelp Intern Program (YIP) is really awesome. The recruiters do a great job showing you around town and making sure you have a good time. My mentor was just alright but I've heard of others having really cool mentors. Unfortunately I didn't learn too much from my mentor. Work-life balance was okay too, most people regularly work over 8 hours but nothing ridiculous. There's a lot of clubs (board games, sports etc) and people are generally friendly. I really didn't find the work that meaningful and I'm not very optimistic about Yelp's future as a company. But there is some really awesome stuff being done in their data science and infra teams. If Yelp offers you your first time in the Bay Area, definitely take it. Otherwise, maybe think about all your options more carefully.
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