Software Engineering Intern


Toronto, ON, Canada
December 2nd, 2018
Worked there a few terms ago, the experience was great and I joined a team doing something that I had previously no experience in, so I definitely learned a lot and grew as a developer. The work was pretty great but the team was doing some not so interesting things when I joined so I didn't really get to do a lot of what I wanted which is fine since what I did was interesting as well in it's own rights I guess. The free lunch is dope, we get awesome food from great restaurants in TO everyday and work life balance is a blessing too, with no one expecting you to stay back too much or go out of your way to do anything. The company events, culture and perks are all really awesome, we have intern events, DnD nights etc. and it's a really nice and welcoming culture imo, Really liked the other interns and fulltimes at the company, especially my mentor and people on my team -- they all were really cool and funny people. Overall a solid internship, bunch of learning and understanding how software works at scale with focus on reliability and uptime.
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